What Started It All

I have loved every minute of staying home raising my two boys, I got to enjoy all the firsts and I am still doing that. I did miss using my creative side and I pushed that aside for many years. Then one day we bought a house that needed a lot of work. Much of the work that the house needed was in areas that required no design creativity, such as a new heating system, new siding, a fence, new windows, etc. These were big ticket items that did not leave much room for updating the inside of the house. I began to think I could do some of the stuff, so I started watching youtube videos on how you install moulding and cut it, for instance. As I began doing more of this type of work I realized I really liked it, I liked working with my hands and with wood building things. One of the first things I built was a console table for our living room.

I found the plans for this table at https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/rustic-x-console-table. I did change some things to fit my style but they were minimal. It was a pretty easy build and my first build were I used pocket holes and also learned how important the steps to staining wood are. The table was built mostly with 2×4’s and 2×6’s. I remember finishing this build and how proud I was of myself with how it came out. It fit perfectly on the wall that I had picked for it and once it was styled I loved it even more. Below I will share a few pics of the table before it was stained as I built it.

I did a few other things around our house but since I never in a millions years thought I would be blogging about my house updating I never really documented it. I hope you will enjoy all the new things that I have been working on and will be sharing.

Happy DIYing

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